Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Just Got Interesting

The story started, "I was playing with my brothers..."

Layer that with not telling us he was hurt and I had quite a surprise yesterday morning!
Nik had hurt his left foot and I knew it wasn't good.

It gets even better since we already had our block of 
dentist appointments set for Thursday morning.  
Poor kid had to go to the dentist before we could get him over to the urgent care for x-rays.

After the doctor saw the x-rays she questioned him again about what he had been doing.  
Same story of jumping over a couch cushion on the floor and landing weird. 
 Enter mom and dad guilt for having the house torn up 
during our deep cleaning mission this week. 

All set up with his key board, mouse, and my school ipad!

All I can say is my baby boy has an amazing pain tolerance and patience!

So today we head to the pediatrician to get the referral for the orthopedic doctor.
Hopefully we'll get into the same doctor that took care of Luke's arm.
These boys and their broken bones!
At least they give us a long break in between major injuries!

Bless all the mamas tht deal with doctors and appointments everyday.
It his heart wrenching to see your baby hurt!
I am even more thankful for the health my boys have been blessed with everyday!

Until next time,

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Monday {Last Days}

Hello last week of school...
this has been a great year,
even with the challenges and changes.
That being said, I am so glad summer break is almost here!!

Hello graduating sixth grader...
Lukas is finishing up his time at the elementary school.
We will celebrate with him today at an ice cream social.
So proud of all of his hard work this year!

Hello sewing...
I have been finishing projects and making goodies for the shop...
I cannot wait to have time to fill up the website and empty out some of
my scraps with new products.
Summer time is my best time of the year for sewing!!

Hello summer break...
One visit planned...
and a lot of projects around the house will keep me busy!

Hello homeschool...
next fall will be the first year of true homeschool
for the oldest two...
lots of planning to do,
but I cannot wait to see them both return to the love of learning!

Hello fresh week...
lots to do, but it's going to be great!!!

Until next time,
Saying Hello with Lisa!