Thursday, July 26, 2012

His Timing

Since Kenny has been out of work things have been a challenge.  After the panic passed it really has been a blessing.  We got amazing news on Monday that is going to help our lives and our attitudes tremendously!  I do not feel comfortable sharing the exact details, but it was something that makes me feel truly blessed.

We're still waiting for the right job to come along, but until then we can breathe a little bit easier.  We have learned so much about budgeting and waiting for things we would like to have for our home or the boys.  I have become the queen of making do with what we already have, re-purposing, and generally learning to be content.

I am really finding joy in my home and my life since I have been forced to reevaluate on so many levels.

We have plans and dreams and hopes.

Now we feel a burden has been lifted and so much of our challenge has been for a greater purpose.  Our boys are learning valuable lessons right along with us.  It makes my heart happy to have them going down a better financial path than we did.  I'll take the financial headaches we've had knowing that the boys hopefully will not have to travel the same path to gain control over their finances.

Things are looking up! 

We are truly blessed and I am truly thankful for His perfect timing!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday

 Hello busy week ahead and busy week behind me...

Hello cooler weather...
I was able to bake our favorites one day...
they lasted less than 24 hours!

Hello prepping my new tags...
designed by my sister made by Jennifer's Jewels ...
I love how they turned out!

Hello new pouches ready for the shop...
hopefully they will be listed today!

Hello new apron inspired by this fun dressing lady...
getting back to my roots and making aprons again!


 Hello Craigslist...
I love the bargains I have found this summer!

 Hello desk redo complete...
the big kid has his command central!

 Hello dresses...
babysitting a little girl means dress making time...
she is my sewing helper!

 Hello fabric scraps...
I have ideas for you!

 Hello back to school...
getting things ready for my classroom...
summer is winding down...

 Hello Monday...
I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Until next time,

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Story {part 2}

So a baby was on the way...

Can you say a million thoughts running through my head.  The day it was confirmed by a blood test Kenny and I had a date planned for that night.  Let me just say I was so nervous.  

I called him to make sure he was still coming to town and he said, "Ya, why?"  
Me in my panicked state said, "We need to talk..." 
Him, "You're pregnant."  
Me in shock now, "Yes." and tears filled my eyes.

I got off work and he came over as planned.  He had stopped at his best friend's house first to tell him.  Twenty-one years old and going to be parents.  A place I did not think I would find myself, but as with all things there was someone else in control.  I was ready to do this on my own if I had to, but Kenny had no intention of walking away from his child. 

Lots of changes took place over the next several months.  I moved into a house, which is a whole other story, and began to prepare for becoming a mama.  Letting my parents know I was pregnant was not fun.  My mom quite frankly was pretty unhappy with me, but my dad was over the moon.  He was making plans about all the things he would do with this little person.  

Kenny's parents didn't know...that was stressful.  He just didn't know how to tell them.  It wasn't going to change anything, so he didn't see the big deal.  I was stressed until a Christmas card did the telling for him.  One of his friends addressed the card to him and the baby.  Since his mom got all the mail she was the first to see it.  After finding out that it was me pregnant things were fine.  I went over a few days later and was bombarded with baby pictures of Kenny and his brother.  It was a relief to have it out in the air and feel the excitement of grandparents to be.

Zackery made his appearance 2 weeks early after I had sent his daddy off to a night out with the guys!  Kenny met me at the hospital and Zackery arrived a few hours later.  This beautiful little man that made us a family.  

People in all parts of our lives asked us if we were getting married, but getting married just because we had a baby was not going to happen.  I probably would have married Kenny at that point, but I did not want our little man to be the reason we chose to marry.  I wanted to be married because we truly loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

So instead of getting married we just spent as much time together as we could. I had moved out of my house and in with my parents.  I thought it would help me financially, but being back in their home was not going to work.  Mother's Day Kenny, his dad, and his brother packed up all my stuff and moved me into a house that I would share with Kenny.  We were going to live together and raise our little man.

to be continued...

You can find Part 1 here

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today I celebrate 7 years of being married to my best friend, 
my partner in crime, my love...

I think I love him more now than I did then.  
I really didn't think that was possible!

Thank you for always opening the car door for me, for holding my hand when we walk together, for kissing my neck, living life so enthusiastically, loving our babies, and for supporting me and my ideas!

Thanks for traveling this crazy path with me babe, 
it's been an amazing 7 years of marriage!

Until next time,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Story

On Monday Kenny and I will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, but our story began long before that.  

We first met in a programming class while we were attending college.  After a lot of flirting and tickle fights we started seeing each other on a pretty regular basis.  I was pretty sure I had strong feelings for him after a couple of months of seeing each other.  

We had fun together, he made me laugh, he was (is) super cute, and so very smart.  We just fit.

Then everything changed.  My sister had moved in with me, school was going full force, I was pretty much working full time, and the man I had poured my heart out to decided he didn't want us to date any more.  He sat next to me on my had-me-down sofa, tears in his eyes and told me we were done.  I was heartbroken.

That break-up was really confusing since we still talked to each other on the phone pretty often.  We might not be dating, but we had become best friends and not talking to each other was not going to work.  One of our friends finally had enough of this nonsense between Kenny and me.   
We had both been talking to him about each other, 
completely unaware of the others conversations.

Finally, one night he got both of us together and laid it all on the table, we either needed to get back together or quit talking to each other at all.  He was the counselor we didn't know we needed!

We looked at each other and knew that we would rather try again than give up our connection.  I don't think we had any idea what would happen next, but we were willing to go down that road together.  About three months later we got the shock of our lives...

a baby was on the way.

to be continued...

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Life

Summer has been cruising right along...a little too quick if you ask me!  

I've been busy sewing and stocking my shop and making things for my classroom.  

We've added some great pieces of furniture for the studio/office for better use of the space.
(Craigslist and hand-me-downs are my favorites)

The boys have been gaming, designing, building, and chilling.  

Kenny has been working on projects all over! 

Exactly as it should be!  

Here's a little glance of what we've been up to lately...
Hope your summer is going great too!

Until next time,