Sunday, March 31, 2013

Other Plans

When I started spring break I had grand plans and longs lists.
A couple days in I was knocked down by a head cold.
I look at it this way,
that annoying cold was God's way of saying,
"Nope, I don't think so, you need to rest this week."

So that's what I did,
I stopped, I rested, and I became healthy again.

Isn't it funny how our plans
get overruled by the One who has made the grand plan?!?

I know I needed to rest and center myself to finish the school year,
but all those days of not going to school and working
had to be filled by something.
I thought I could get so much done,
but what I did get done was what I really needed.

Do I still want to get things checked off my list?
Of course!
More importantly I want to be healthy to enjoy my family and my home.
Resting felt good and I am trying to not feel guilty about
so much left on the list.
There will be time,
it just wasn't time right now.

Happy Easter!  Blessed be in His name!

Until next time,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We love hard boiled eggs in the house...
so much so that I have a little plastic container labeled in the refrigerator,
just for hard boiled eggs...
true story...OCD runs strong in these parts.

The last few batches had me frustrasted
with cracked shells and a general mess...
don't even get me started on peeling them...

In steps my ma,
she loves to try new things and she loves learning.
She read or heard from an egg guru (I know I made that up, but it fits)
that you should steam the eggs instead of boiling them.
I have seen people cooking them in the oven thanks to Pinterest,
but steaming, I was intrigued.

I tried it today people,
guess what?!?
It works beautifully!

Here's what I did...
Gather the eggs, a big pot, and the vegetable steamer

Add eggs and water to the pot

Put the pot on the stove for 15-20 minutes
(I turned the flame down a bit after the steam started up)

Remove from pot and rinse in cool water or dunk in an ice bath

Enjoy your easily peeled, beautiful, and tasty hard "boiled" eggs

So smart!
Just in time for dyeing all those Easter eggs!
You're welcome!

Until next time,

Joining Kirsten at We Are THAT Family


Friday, March 22, 2013

Coffee Date {rough week}

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I had a rough teacher week.
Transfer kid trouble, spring fever, and yucky assessments...
not a good combo.
Fun things planned for today,
we all need it!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I am so happy spring break is here!
At 2:30pm today you will see 
a school full of teachers doing the happy dance!!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you my spring break to do list is long,
but I really want to accomplish everything on it!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I'm making my nephew's birthday cake
and I cannot wait to see his little fingers dig in!!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I wish I could be at Luke's track meet today.
He is the school's standing long jump champion...
He's won it a few times and now he competes against the other city schools.
Sometimes working out of town really stinks.
I hope he has a great day!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I am ready for resting and resetting my house...
come on 2:30!

If we were having coffee...
I'd squeeze you and say your turn!
How's life treating you?!?

Until next time,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Monday {almost on break}

Hello new week...
It will be a big week of testing in my classroom...
district assessments...yipee
Someone really needs to design a sarcasm font ;)
At least spring break is within reach!

Hello new bedding...
I have been coveting a bedding set at Target forever...
finally took the plunge and bought it with a birthday gift...
I am in love! 
Beautiful detail steals my heart every time!
My room is so much brighter!

Hello hubby that knows me well...
the new bedding has my wheels turning...
he said he knows where this is leading...
new paint and some fresh toss pillows 
are on the horizon.
Good thing paint is cheap and I know someone that sews!
Hello more sister time...
two weekends in a row spending time with my sister...
so needed, especially since we hadn't seen each other since Christmas.  
 We are complete opposites, but we do have a good time together!

Hello birthday week...
how in the world is my nephew going to be one already...
seriously...time take a chill pill...
a monkey face cake is on the agenda...
I cannot wait to see him dig in!

Until next time,

Joining up with Miss Lisa

Friday, March 15, 2013

Coffee Date {survived}

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I made it through conferences!
It is a busy week and my voice pays for it
and I am so glad it's finished!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you my transfer student is settling in just fine.
Everyone at the school has noticed 
his dramatic change in behavior.
Structure and routine were all that he needed.
So thankful for the support 
I have had this week to make the transition!

If we were having coffee...
I would tell you Kenny has been 
on a house cleaning rampage 
and I LOVE IT!
I was planning on doing it over spring break,
but he has jumped on it already.
It is so nice to have clear spaces!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I have a bunch of sewing to do this weekend.
I've been prepping this week, 
so hopefully the sewing goes quickly!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I really want some new bedding,
but I have been hesitating to get it...
It's on sale until Saturday,
so I better decide quickly.
My current bedding is almost 6 years old and ratty,
so it's time.
So hard to spend the money,
but I know I will love it!
 Via Target

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I am so glad it's Friday
and that spring break is almost here!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you...
Bring on the weekend!

If we were having coffee...
I'd say your turn...
fill me in on your week!

Until next time,

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 Joining up with Casey

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{lessons in grace}

When I chose grace as my word this year I wasn't sure what it was going to look like.
Was the grace going to be mostly for me or 
was I going to be giving grace to the people around me too?
I think I am getting my answer this week.

I agreed to let a kiddo that has been a super challenge this year
be transferred into my class.
About five minutes in I was asking myself what did you do?!?
This guy has been out of control for almost the
entire year and I am suppose to try to bring him back into line.


Grace  for me as I take a deep breath at my desk before I deal with him again.
Grace for him as I watch him adjust and try to find his place in my room.
Grace for my amazing class as they ignore his hollering and keep right on task,
frustrated I am sure, but being the kids I have grown to love this year!
Grace for all of us as we find our new normal.

One trimester left, we can all do this.
My neighbor teacher reassured me that 
he will fall in with the rest of the class in a week.  
I know it too, 
but it is hard to keep going with the challenges so far.

Poor kid doesn't realize his stubbornness
 is no match for my stubbornness.
I am a master!
We will find a balance.
I will give him grace as well as myself.
I am seeing my kids giving him grace already.

 Changes are hard, but he needed what I have built in my classroom.
Deep breaths and mini prayers.
I know it will get better, 
but for a while I am going to lean on grace for strength.

Until next time,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Monday {conferences}

Hello conference week...
time to meet parents again...
some good news, some not so good, but all necessary.

Hello transfer student...
getting a challenge kiddo transferred into my class...
praying for a big change in behavior 
once he becomes part of my group.

Hello school assembly...
some of us teachers are going a little on the silly side...
it's going to be a blast and the kids totally earned it!

Hello busy shop...
custom orders and some sales at work...
so thankful for a way to pay for my fabric love and some extra bills!
More to do this week!

Hello sister time...
spending the day with my sister always does me good...
bonus was getting to find some fabric I have been on the hunt for!

Hello new hair color...
bye, bye blonde...
trying go back to my own color...
it will be a big budget saver to skip the salon!
Thank goodness for a sister
that loves to color hair!
The Before...still need to take an after!
Hello messy house...
I wanted to reset you this weekend, 
but life happened.
It was worth it...
the house can wait for a serious scrubbing until spring break!

Hello treadmill...
I need to get my behind back on the treadmill...
this fluff in my body is baloney...
back to working out I go!

Hello everyone...
I hope you have an awesome week!

Until next time,

Joining up with Miss Lisa!


Friday, March 8, 2013

coffee date {just breathe}

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you this week was a whirlwind!!!!
Yes, four exclamations worth!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you school was crazy town this week.
A schedule change through all of us into a frenzy
and the kids were maniacs a bit wild!
We survived, I learned some new things, 
and my class learned a whole bunch of new things.
Today, maybe, we can breathe.

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you my blue-eyed boy had a great birthday!
Bless his heart for wanting cheesecake,
this mama loves cheesecake too!!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I miss my bestie deperately
and a 3 1/2 drive is very tempting right now to squeeze her neck!
We got some emails in this week,
but time together would be great!!!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I am all ready for conferences.
It feels so good to have everything all set up!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I completed a couple of special orders this week.
Yup, right on top of the craziness.
It's so worth it to see the smiles!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I need to reset my house...
in a big way.
I am hoping I can get it done this weekend.
We'll see...

If we were having coffee...
I'd say your turn fill me in on you!

Until next time,

Joining up with Alissa

Joining up with Casey

Monday, March 4, 2013


My Lukas is twelve years old today!

Everyday with this boy is an adventure.  
He is full of life and has opinions on everything!
This poor kid is also our crash kid!
So far in twelve years he has had...
one broken arm...
more cuts, bruises, and injuries than his two brothers combined.
Now add in a growth spurt...
and you see why his daddy and I worry about him getting hurt
all. the. time!

This is also the kid that puts a smile on my face every time he does a 
hug sneak attack!

I love this thinker...creator...dreamer!

Happy Birthday my blue-eyed boy!

We love you more than you will ever know!!