Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My days are about to change from the hum of my sewing machine to the buzz of busy kids filling a new classroom.  I am not thrilled that my summer vacation is coming to a close, but I am very grateful that I do get time of to regroup and refresh with my own monkeys for a couple of months each year.  This summer was spent mostly at home doing our own things.  Playing, building, sharing silly youtube videos.  We spent our days just being together without being on top of each other.  Fluttering between our individual activities to seeing what everyone else was up to in the house.

This is how we spend our days, working on something and then taking a break to check in with everyone else.  I love it!  We don't have to be in the same room of the house to be together, it's lovely.  I have extra chairs in my sewing space, so visitors are welcome to come hang out while I work on another project.  It's awesome to have a workspace I can share with my monkeys.

So now we are in the back to school mode.  Knowing our late nights and unscheduled days are coming to a close for the year.  We've slowly been checking on supplies and making sure everyone has what they need to start the new year well.  We are prepared even if we're not ready for the summer to be leaving us just yet.

I am carrying a hopeful heart for what the new classrooms will bring for all of us.  I may not want it to be time to move on, but I am up to the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.  Bring it on new school year, show us what you've got planned for us! 

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