Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello long break from blogging...lots happening, but writing about it hasn't been on the priority list.

Hello beautiful flower girl dresses...a challenge for sure, but wow do I love how they turned out!

Hello getting my craft back on...scrappy blooms, coming to the shop soon.

Hello super cute color coded Easter bags...used materials I already had, score for the budget!

Hello new hair color...easier maintenance and a bit of sass thrown in, yep that works.

Hello busy last day of break...restocking the freezer is on the agenda.

Hello 80 degrees in today's forecast...yes, please.  That is my favorite temperature.

Hello end to spring sad to not have more time, but this means summer is SUPER close!

Hello linking up with Lisa...such an amazing lady!

Hello everyone...I hope we all have a great week!

Until next time,

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