Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bikes for All

Today I am grateful because K and I have just completed our mission to get all 5 of us bikes this year. Each of the boys got a bike for their birthdays. K's brother is an avid bike rider so he had an old frame sitting at his house. Well K and his brother put their heads together and fixed it all up good as new. A few parts orders and some fresh paint later and K has a really nice bike.

I guess in their discussions a bike for me came up. I am not a fancy bike person, I just like to ride. I haven't had a bike in about 15 years, but I have wanted one for a loooonnngggg time! They found one that they both agreed would be good and not too outrageously priced. Did you know there are bikes out there that cost over $6000?!? Wow! Anyway we went over to the bike shop on Sunday and they had the bike in stock! :) I was super excited!

Here's the picture of my new ride from the store website.

So now all of us have a bike to cruise around on through the neighborhood. I. AM. LOVING. IT! We needed something that we could all do outside and now we have it! I love it when K and I have a goal and we reach it.

On this Gratituesday I am so very, very grateful for my new ride and the possibilities for family fun in our future! Head on over to Laura's for Gratituesday to see what everyone else is thankful for today!

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