Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boys Having Fun

Moms of boys will understand...

It puts a smile on my face every time...

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  1. I followed your link over from daily dwelling and I have to say this touches my heart. I have a daughter and a son but at my heart I am a boy mom and I love this! Weird Al, light sabers the whole thing. Not to say that my Daughter does not know that song by heart and new whole Yoda was before she knew who "Blue" was, I guess I am just a bit of a nerd though... You are very blessed.

  2. Ahhh sigh.. "Knew who yoda" that's what I get for commenting pre-coffee

  3. How fun is that! My boy needs some BOY dress up clothes and props. His sister talks him into princess attire way too often. :)

  4. Funny! A mom can never have too many "Jedis" running around!


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