Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Boy is HOME!

Well this afternoon I got a call from K, it went something like this..."We have a problem." Me, "What happened?" K, "The camp called and Z has a temp of 102, so they need us to come get him." Me, "Can you wait for me to get home, so I can go too?" K, "Why don't you just go straight from school?!?" Me, "OK, I'm leaving right now"

So after about an hour drive I got to see my baby! When he hugged me I almost didn't let go! He was so bummed to be going home early, but his momma was sure happy to have him coming home. I wish he hadn't gotten sick, but he did get to make a lot of great memories and from what I can tell he had a really good time. This kid is already planning to go back as a counselor when he is in high school. It's too funny because I was a counselor in high school too!

So on this Finer Things Friday I am so very happy to have my baby home and in his own bed!

Until next time,


  1. Awww, I can imagine. My son went to youth camp this year for the first time and I was a basketcase!

  2. Sorry he got sick! I know I'll be a mess when that time comes for us as well!

  3. Oh, so hard to be away when they are sick. Glad he's home safe.


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