Friday, October 9, 2009

Surprise Visitor

Last night I came downstairs to a beeping phone (it really is incessant). I listen to the message on my phone, it is from my favorite aunt in the world. She is in town for the weekend for barrel racing! What a wonderful surprise! She said she was so proud of herself because she came all by herself (well except for her horse and dog). She has come a long way since we unexpectedly lost my uncle about 21 months ago, she has gotten her spirit back and it is so great to see!

We are all looking forward to seeing her and being able to take the monkeys to watch her race. She really is amazing and I love watching her tear up an arena! I hope she can come over to the house too so we can all just hang out!

So on this Finer Things Friday I am so happy that our friends and family know it is absolutely okay with us to make surprise visits! I am looking forward to a great weekend!

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  1. Surprise visits can be some of the best! What a wonderful surprise and what a beautiful attitude you have in embracing this unexpected blessing.

  2. Surprise visits are the best! Hope you enjoyed your time together. :)


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