Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pure Happiness

Yesterday I canned plum jam for the first time!

Let me just say it was wonderful and not too hard and totally worth it!

Z and I processed about 10 pounds of plums and came up with 26 pints!
I am in love with canning!

It is so amazing to know that we used the best ingredients in something that will be feeding our family for a whole year! You want to know what all the ingredients were for our beautiful jam?!? I know you want to!

Here's the ready it's really long...

plums {From our backyard tree!! YAY!!}
demerara (raw cane sugar)
fruit pectin

Yup, that's it! No junk. No bizarre chemical compositions. Just the good stuff.

I am so excited. Now I have to get my hands on some concord grapes!

Well I am off to finish processing our beautiful plums that were grown with sunshine and water!

Have a great day!

Until next time,

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