Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is Where I am

It's been way too long since I've done a post, but sometimes life just zooms past at mach speed.  My routine streams from one day to the next, not much changes and it suits me.  I sometimes wonder why I blog. I know I love reading other blogs, but why would folks want to read about the goings on around here?  Then I stop and think that maybe, just maybe my little ramblings will help someone push through a tough time or giggle at something silly that happened with my monkeys.

Whatever the reason I know I need to keep sharing and checking in with my bloggy corner!

Each morning begins the same~ gathering the laundry baskets, sorting, and deciding which basket needs attention first.  I am a laundry fanatic.  I do a load a day at least.  I was FLY-washed and I haven't looked back since.  No crazy marathon laundry days for me.

I savor the quiet of everyone still out cold.  I move back to my room and make the bed then I head to the computer.  Check email, check Facebook, and twitter.  If I'm up to it I'll check my school email too, but I am trying to keep that separate from home time.  I mess around fluttering from blog to blog for a bit and then I head back upstairs to finish my morning routine.

I just added treadmill time back into my day.  Between the frustrations at work and my energy needing a boost it was time to get my backside back in a walking routine.  So far so good!  My attitude is definitely seeing the benefit!

After my walk I get showered and ready for my day.  I prep the boys' lunches and then get them up and ready for breakfast.  I love making sure they have breakfast at the table together each morning.  I'm a bit of a short order chef in the morning, but it's all good.  They love it and my oldest boy thanks me each morning for getting their breakfasts ready.  Those words coming from a teenager makes me feel awesome.

By the time they're done it's time for me to hit the road and get myself to school.  My school days are all about routine and order, but we are still working on the order part.  I teach in a pretty rough town, so a lot of our kids come in with a lot of baggage.  Most days fly by and then I head back home.

Evenings are dinner, signing papers, hanging out a bit, and sometimes getting on my sewing machine for a bit of fabric therapy.  Baths, stories and bedtime come early, but it works for us and my babies perform so well in school I don't think we should change the routine!

So that in a nutshell is my day, nothing exciting, nothing glamorous, but it is mine and it is pretty cool.  I am so blessed to have healthy kids, mostly happy kids, and a hubby that is pretty awesome.

I guess the message in my post is sometimes the most routine and genuine days are the best days.  We don't need fancy things to know that we love each other and are here for each other everyday.

Until next time,
 I'm joining in!



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  2. I'm all about a peaceful routine day. I bet those are the days I'll miss when my children are grown and gone.


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