Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Teaching Gig

I am super thankful for where I am in my life right now.

Everyday I get to spend time with my boys and their amazing vocabularies.  I just love talking and listening to them tell their stories and tales of their busy school days.  It makes me smile to think that Kenny and I have guided them to be the men they are becoming, maybe a little too quickly for this mama's heart.  What amazes me most is the vocabulary we have helped them gather. 

People around us say talking to our kids is like talking to an adult.  I love it!  No baby talk around here, they were born as little humans and that's how we talked to them from the beginning.  It gives my heart such joy to continue to see them blossom.

Then I get the pleasure have the duty to go into my classroom each day.  It's no joke that this year has been a challenge. 

I am exhausted at the end of most days, but by the grace of God I am seeing progress in these little people in my care.  I about cried yesterday when one of my kiddos read a book on grade level and was able to retell the story beautifully.  Now mind you she was only reading kindergarten level when we began this journey in August.  The pride that was shining through her smile was amazing. 

Those moments are what push me to keep going to a job in a place that causes such a range of emotions in my soul.  Getting ready for report cards is always a little stressful, but getting to spend a few moments with each of these kids one on one proves that I am making a difference and pushing these kids down the right track.

My teaching gig is a pretty sweet deal.  I love teaching my own kids and to know my job right now is to help teach another batch of kids makes all the adult junk worth it!  Challenges will keep coming up, but I know that my children and my students will be prepared for whatever crosses their paths because I helped build their foundations!

Until next time,


  1. Hey. I found your blog through Casey Wiegand's blog. And I'm so glad I did. I love it! I'm a new follower so I'll be sure to check in again to see what's new. :) Thanks for sharing!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  2. AMEN!! I was a teacher's aide & let me tell you, unless a parent volunteers in the class, they have NO IDEA how hard & challenging your job is! Teachers truly have to love what they do in order to keep doing it :) Thank you for making a difference in those children's lives!


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