Friday, February 8, 2013

Coffee Date {brave}

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I was brave this week!
I turned in my paper work for a new teaching position for next year.
This is big for me...
I am super comfortable and happy where I am teaching now,
but commuting has gotten to be too much.
A change is needed and I pray I can make the move.

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you kids and teachers at my school 
were dropping like flies.
The flu and this super cold virus has hit us hard.
My poor class has looked out of it all week!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I am sewing this weekend!
I have a little project for another teacher
and some things I want to finish.
I have to get back in my groove!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I need to seriously sit down and scratch out
a to-do list.
I have a bunch of things I need to work on,
so I better write it down.

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you Lukas is going to science camp soon.
Kenny and I are not thrilled with this idea,
a week without the blue-eyed boy...
not our idea of fun.
He, however, will love it,
so we will suck it up and let him go.

If we were having coffee...
You would get a big hug and 
 I'd say your turn!  
Catch me up on you!
Until next time,
 Joining up with Alissa
 Joining up with Casey


  1. hi new friend!

    loved your coffee date link up this week. i really hope you get that sewing time in...all i can manage to do lately is buy a TON of craft supplies and arrange and rearrange them on my craft shelves. lol.

    someday, hopefully!

    1. I love buying stuff too, but I keep telling myself I can't buy more until I use some of what I already have on hand... ;)

  2. Sometimes changes are needed! All the best new friend!! I hope you get what you want and that your deepest desires come true. Your words are so heartfelt, I feel like I found a new friend. ;)

    1. Thank you!! I am hoping for a good change, but I will just have to be patient. :)


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