Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We love hard boiled eggs in the house...
so much so that I have a little plastic container labeled in the refrigerator,
just for hard boiled eggs...
true story...OCD runs strong in these parts.

The last few batches had me frustrasted
with cracked shells and a general mess...
don't even get me started on peeling them...

In steps my ma,
she loves to try new things and she loves learning.
She read or heard from an egg guru (I know I made that up, but it fits)
that you should steam the eggs instead of boiling them.
I have seen people cooking them in the oven thanks to Pinterest,
but steaming, I was intrigued.

I tried it today people,
guess what?!?
It works beautifully!

Here's what I did...
Gather the eggs, a big pot, and the vegetable steamer

Add eggs and water to the pot

Put the pot on the stove for 15-20 minutes
(I turned the flame down a bit after the steam started up)

Remove from pot and rinse in cool water or dunk in an ice bath

Enjoy your easily peeled, beautiful, and tasty hard "boiled" eggs

So smart!
Just in time for dyeing all those Easter eggs!
You're welcome!

Until next time,

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