Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{lessons in grace}

When I chose grace as my word this year I wasn't sure what it was going to look like.
Was the grace going to be mostly for me or 
was I going to be giving grace to the people around me too?
I think I am getting my answer this week.

I agreed to let a kiddo that has been a super challenge this year
be transferred into my class.
About five minutes in I was asking myself what did you do?!?
This guy has been out of control for almost the
entire year and I am suppose to try to bring him back into line.


Grace  for me as I take a deep breath at my desk before I deal with him again.
Grace for him as I watch him adjust and try to find his place in my room.
Grace for my amazing class as they ignore his hollering and keep right on task,
frustrated I am sure, but being the kids I have grown to love this year!
Grace for all of us as we find our new normal.

One trimester left, we can all do this.
My neighbor teacher reassured me that 
he will fall in with the rest of the class in a week.  
I know it too, 
but it is hard to keep going with the challenges so far.

Poor kid doesn't realize his stubbornness
 is no match for my stubbornness.
I am a master!
We will find a balance.
I will give him grace as well as myself.
I am seeing my kids giving him grace already.

 Changes are hard, but he needed what I have built in my classroom.
Deep breaths and mini prayers.
I know it will get better, 
but for a while I am going to lean on grace for strength.

Until next time,


  1. Praying for grace to flow like a mighty river to you, to him, to the rest of the class. Maybe a gentle river would be better. Mighty rivers knock people down. Or if he needs to be knocked down a bit, then I can pray for the mighty river. Ok, maybe I'll just pray your word Grace. Grace be with Amy and her students. God can take it from there. :-) -Kari Coppinger

  2. Be careful what you wish for! When you ask for grace, the universe is going to send you alllll kinds of lessons to learn it :)


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