Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We had the pleasure of seeing one of my dearest friends this weekend. She has been in my life for 12 years, back when I hired her to work in a retail store I helped manage. We have seen a lot of changes in our lives during this journey. She is someone I can call to chat, to vent, or to laugh.

We are also in similar places in our journey to make healthy eating a priority in our family. It is so nice to have someone who understands about real foods and why paying extra for them is worth it. We were visiting while we were preparing dinner and she asked me if people look at me funny when I talk about how I feed my family. Why, yes they do! It is so funny to share the same experiences in totally different parts of the state.

Her journey to health and fitness has helped my family to be more aware of what we are eating. Her family has built a wonderful fitness boot camp down in the Los Angeles area called Extreme Burn. They help their clients not only learn how to exercise, but learn how to make lifestyle changes in their diets as well. I love talking to them about the people they have helped. It truly is a calling for them!

Our lives are forever intertwined. I am so grateful for her and her beautiful little family. Her daughter is my Goddaughter and her man is my husband's computer-speak buddy. It is so much fun to have them all visit! We have great conversations and learn a lot from each other. I wish they lived closer, but having them stop and visit us when they travel will have to do. I look forward to those visits very much! I can't wait for the next one!

Good friends are definitely something I am grateful for in my life! Join Laura at Heavenly Homemakers for more Gratituesday!

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  1. God lends us his hands, ears, eyes and love through the strangest connections -- like someone you hired! enjoy the blessing of your friendship and your quest to eat an exercise your ways to better health.

  2. Lucky you to have a friend that shares your views on a healthy lifestyle. To be able to motivate eachother and offer encouragement like that is really priceless.

  3. That's great! We just had our special family friends staying over the night before last. It's so great when you can connect like that as families.

    Happy Gratituesday~


  4. Awww, What a nice surprise. I feel so loved to have you write about us! ;) Thank you for all the memories and guidance throughout the years! I love sharing our homemade recipes and passion for healthy living.

    You failed to mentioned our arranged marriage for the kids!

    Love you all and miss you already!

  5. Yes, I am pretty sure N and J will be married some day. They are joined at the hip when you are here!


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