Friday, March 4, 2011


Today my blue eyed boy turns ten years old. Has it really been ten years already? We raced to the hospital and barely made it before he decided he was ready to come into this world. He came out running and hasn't stopped yet.

I love this picture~ Lego in one hand and Vulcan greeting in the other!

My sweet, sensitive boy. L has the heart of a protector. He wants everyone to feel safe and loved. If he sees someone sad or upset he is comforting and kind. If a baby cries he does silly things or sings to the baby to quiet him down. He feels more deeply than I think I have ever felt.

L is also fearless. He is not afraid to try new things and dares to play hard. Sometimes, okay a lot of the time, that fearlessness gets him hurt. He is our bruiser, scars and broken bones to prove it. He jumps up after a crash and yells, "I'm alright!" It cracks me up.

L has an imagination and a knack for piecing stories together. He loves writing and has been making movies based on his stories. We encourage him and I watch him as he becomes more proficient at weaving stories. I eagerly await what this filmmaker will do with his future. He knows what he wants to do in his life and he is working hard to make it happen. USC has a bright student prepping for their film school!

My blued eyed boy tangles his legs with me on the couch any chance he gets. He is a hugger and a love bug. I cherish these moments. Feeling him curled up with me makes my heart smile.

Happy, Happy Birthday My Blue Eyed Boy! I hope you continue to enjoy life and all it has to offer!

Love you always,

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