Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Story

On Monday Kenny and I will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, but our story began long before that.  

We first met in a programming class while we were attending college.  After a lot of flirting and tickle fights we started seeing each other on a pretty regular basis.  I was pretty sure I had strong feelings for him after a couple of months of seeing each other.  

We had fun together, he made me laugh, he was (is) super cute, and so very smart.  We just fit.

Then everything changed.  My sister had moved in with me, school was going full force, I was pretty much working full time, and the man I had poured my heart out to decided he didn't want us to date any more.  He sat next to me on my had-me-down sofa, tears in his eyes and told me we were done.  I was heartbroken.

That break-up was really confusing since we still talked to each other on the phone pretty often.  We might not be dating, but we had become best friends and not talking to each other was not going to work.  One of our friends finally had enough of this nonsense between Kenny and me.   
We had both been talking to him about each other, 
completely unaware of the others conversations.

Finally, one night he got both of us together and laid it all on the table, we either needed to get back together or quit talking to each other at all.  He was the counselor we didn't know we needed!

We looked at each other and knew that we would rather try again than give up our connection.  I don't think we had any idea what would happen next, but we were willing to go down that road together.  About three months later we got the shock of our lives...

a baby was on the way.

to be continued...

Sharing my heart along with Miss Casey

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading the rest! I love reading love stories! :)


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