Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On Sunday I had the brilliant idea that playing some kind of sport with the boys would be a better way for me to get in some exercise and for us to have some time together.  

I decided basketball would be the best choice since we a) have a couple of basketballs and b) have access to courts close to the house and c) I loved basketball as a kid.
It was on!

Last night the boys and I hit the court for a little 2 on 2 action.  

Oh. My. Word.

I was laughing so hard!  
I have not really played basketball since college and the boys,
 bless their hearts, 
have no idea what they are doing!
We had a blast and I am certain we entertained all of the serious men playing in the next court.  

Best thing of all is that all of us had fun!
The boys already asked about playing again...that is huge for my non-sports kiddos.
I guess the fun part out weighed the crazy parent part from their previous experiences!

It felt so good to be playing and it was awesome seeing them listening, learning, and laughing together!

Do we have the next Michael Jordan or Larry Bird in our house?  Ya, not so much.  What we do have is a way for all of us to have some fun and time together.  Zack will be heading off to college before I know it, so every experience we can share is precious to me. 

 Making memories together, that's the best!

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Joining Laura at Heavenly Homemakers for Gratituesday!

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  1. Sounds Fun! I can hear the laughter from the four of you while reading this ;)


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