Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Holy smokes time is flying by!  This school year is 1/3 of the way over...cannot believe it!

I have been a busy bee, but getting over here to blog about it just hasn't been happening, sorry about that!

I have been sewing, and grading, and teaching, and mama-ing, and trying to bring order back to my crazy house.  Not too much luck on the last one, but next week I am off school so the house will be mine once again!

I cannot wait for parent conferences to be over and time with my family to be here!  
Four days people, four more days!

I have added a bunch of stuff to the shop...maybe that's why my house is crazytown...hmmm.

I've jumped into some giveaways lately for pretties from the shop and one just started today!
Kimmie at Sugar and Dots is celebrating her birthday by hosting a huge giveaway bash!  Seriously, over $800 worth of goodies!  So go enter!  It would be wonderful to have one of my friends win that haul!

I have so much to share...I will try to be back soon!

Until next time,

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