Friday, January 4, 2013

Coffee Date ~ Goals

If we were having a coffee date...
I would be telling you about my goals for the new year.

I have many things I want to accomplish this year for my health,
for our nutrition, for our finances, for our businesses, for my career, 
for my children, and for our home and garden.

If we were having a coffee date...
I would tell you I need to lose some inches and get back to being more active.
Hard workouts and more bike riding need to find a place in my life again.
All of the changes at school have messed with my energy level and I'm not happy about it.
Since I have a handle on having such a bigger class now I really need to get back to exercising everyday!

If we were having coffee...
I would tell you we need to up our real food game.
We need to have more veggies in our diet and focus on sticking to the meal plan.
I need to make sure to fill the basket with veggies 
when I am at the market and have good things to dip them in for the boys.
I would tell you I've gotten lazy about this and it has to change!

If we were having coffee...
I would tell you we paid off two little debts last week and our car should be paid off by the fall.  I would also tell you I hope we can work hard and get it paid off way before that! 
Since Kenny lost his county job things have been tight, but we're learning more everyday about budgeting and weighing wants verses needs.  The faster we get this debt paid off the faster we can get old debts gone too!  That is exciting to me!

If we were having coffee...
I would tell you Kenny is working hard to help build this new business!  His boss values him and they are both excited about the future of the company.  It is so exciting watching their enthusiasm! Someday they will be making a living doing what they love.  It's not paying much yet, but isn't that how all new businesses start?!?

I would also tell you I hope to build up Amy's Monkeys this year.
I am working to make good choices and get systems in place to help make me more productive.  I want to increase traffic and build my brand.  I would also tell you I would love to do another craft show event.  We had a blast at the last one and I learned so much! 

If we were having coffee...
I would tell you I am going to apply to teach in the town where we live.
This one scares me to death!  I am very comfortable at my current school, but commuting has just gotten to be too much.  I feel like the teachers at my boys' school are the cream of the crop and I am nervous about not being good enough.  I have to get over the insecurity and get my application finished up and turned in!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I am excited about homeschooling Lukas and Zackery next year.
They need more and I am itching to search out the best ways to stretch their minds.
I want them to finally be challenged instead of just being given more work to do!
I am also excited Nikolas gets to finish up at the same school he began with in kindergarten.
That kind of stability is an awesome thing!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you about plans we have for the house.
New paint for the inside to lighten everything up is first on the list.  Five years of the current color is more than enough.  I'm ready for change.  If we can manage it I'd love to get the floors redone too!
Wood floors are my dream, but some of the laminates are so pretty and the prices are so much more affordable.  I would love to have floors that aren't so yucky, because builder grade carpet stinks!

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you we need to tackle the backyard and get the garden situated.
With grocery prices rising we need to take advantage of this big old backyard!
It probably won't take much to get it in shape, but we need to start soon!

If we were having coffee...
I'd hug you and thank you for listening to me 
ramble on about my plans, hopes, and goals.  
I hope your dreams and goals come together too!

Until next time,

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  1. I loved this post and I enjoyed out time together. :0)
    Sounds like you have a plan, so go to it!

  2. Love this!!! Great post! I cannot wait to hear about switching to a teaching job in your town. :)


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