Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Above my sewing table was a lonely blank wall
just waiting for something pretty to freshen it up.

Enter after Christmas sale at the thrift store!
70% off everything Christmas...
I remembered seeing hoops with '80s era decorations in them, the plan began to take shape.

I gracefully gathered hurriedly snatched up all of the hoop creations in their Christmas section.  

On a side note an interesting lady followed my around the thrift store while I had all the hoops in my arms...
I hope she didn't think I was going to put some of them back...
sorry sweet lady, but this gal had a plan.

I totally remember my mom and everyone else making hoops like these when I was a kid!

Once I got home the deconstruction began...
obviously the boys got into the action.

(boys + taking things apart = happy boys)

After we got all of the holiday cheer off the hoops the fun began.
Can I just say I am glad I hang onto my fabric scraps...do I hear an "amen".  
Ya, I thought so!

Choosing fabrics and pins to gussy things up was so much fun!
Finding the right arrangement was pretty easy.
A simple, little, super inexpensive, big impact project has made this girl's heart happy!

Now my sewing space has a bit more color and some of my favorite fabrics are out for me to see everyday! 

I also took the time to make one of my hoops an embroidered reminder of my word for the year.  
 I am sure I will need to look up there some days!

Until next time,


  1. Wow, that is super impressive. Bravo, you did a great job.

  2. Sweet, easy and fresh - you are sure to enjoy them.


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