Wednesday, January 9, 2013


In this busy world of go, go, go
we seem to have all forgotten the refreshing power of a nap.
I see pictures of darling littles all over my instagram feed in peaceful slumber
 or sacked out in crazy positions, 
but as adults we often just keep going until we're past the point of exhaustion.

What good is making efforts to workout more 
and eat better if our poor bodies are exhausted?

So I say if you need a nap...
take it.

My word this year is grace...
and I think it fits right along with giving yourself permission 
to take care of yourself.
Seriously, what a concept right?!?
In this fast paced world we push the limits of what our bodies can handle 
and then wind up crashing in a hard way...flu...injuries...exhaustion.

I think a lot of us need to slow down and remember it is okay to rest.

The dishes in the sink can wait a little while, 
I can fluff the load of clothes in the dryer again, 
returning emails can wait.

I know I need to remember.
I saw a great little print on Pinterest a while back...
it said...

"Stop the glorification of busy"

Amen and Hallelujah

Until next time,


  1. This is a great reminder Amy. I call my nap time the "Mommy Time Out"! ;) Love ya!

    1. I'm glad you take the time too sweetie! Miss you!

  2. YES! oh my goodness.. I completely agree with you!!
    after all, the dishes and the laundry will still be there.
    i'm running on very little sleep right now and i really need to try harder to take a nap in the afternoon while baby sleeps .. because then otherwise i'm a moody bear by 6pm :(

    1. New babies are so amazing and tiring all at the same time! I know it was hard for me not to try to get things done while the boys were sleeping. I hope you can get some rest!

  3. Why is it as kids we would fight to take a nap and now as adults we complain that we cannot nap? lol

    I agree with you. It is important to nap when our body tells us. Too much go go go all the time can wear a body out.

    1. I was totally thinking about kids fighting it too and then finding them crashed out in the middle of a pile of toys!

  4. Stop the glorification of busy. So true. Here's to naps and NAPS!

  5. I'm so with you on this one. We need a time to stop and reset sometimes. YAWN, better go catch a few zzzzs.

    1. A friend lived in Europe for a while and it amazed her the importance some cultures placed on the afternoon rest...there were no exceptions. Sounds so nice to me!

  6. The one thing I want to know. How in the world do you get time to take a nap? If you have the secret, please...please...please do tell. Right now, I'm not getting done what I need to do and I have no idea where I would work a nap into the schedule.

    1. It usually only happens on the weekend, but my kids are older so I can check out for a bit and they are fine. During the summer it's any chance I get! ;)


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