Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Visits

This last few days was full of family time. My nephew is turning the big 5 this week so we had his birthday party on Saturday. I am my sister's right hand, party coordinator, go to girl, and helper for these occasions. We flutter around like crazy people for a couple of hours getting everything just right. She blames my OCD organizing, I say I just like to be ready.
Teeheehee. We all know she is right! Anyway, the party was a hit and the kiddos had a blast. Happy Birthday to the little man!

As we were leaving I get a voice mail that my Aunt Deb is coming through town Sunday. She wants to know if she can stay the night with us to break up her trip a bit. OF COURSE she can stay! I was so excited. She has been through a lot this last year and a half, but nothing gets her down. We adore her and all her energy! She has such a faith that things are all happening for a reason. I hold onto her laughter as I face challenges in my life. She arrived late (I mean late for me, I am no night owl), but we stayed up and giggled and shared our happenings until early in the morning. Unfortunately it was a quick visit, but I will hold onto it until we can see each other again.

My last family time came on the phone. During the school year I talk to my mom every morning on my way to school, but during the summer time I don't call as much. This morning I got to visit with mom and talk about all the happenings this past week. It is hard having them all the way in Idaho, but a phone call brings our lives together. I am so thankful to have my crazy family whether near or far. Any way we can visit with each other is definitely something to be grateful for in my life.

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  1. Oh how sweet to have so much family time. What a blessing.

  2. family visits are the best! my family is coming to visit later this week -- they haven't been here for a year!!! we can't wait.

  3. Yay for family time! We are going to visit my family in VA next week and very much looking forward to it!


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