Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Garden

I have a lot of gratitude today. My little veggie patch has started sprouting already! I got a late start in planting, so we won't have as much of a bounty as I had hoped. We will however have something to show for all of the effort put into getting our yard ready (i.e. dog resistant)for our vegetable garden. I am so thankful for all of the energy K put into making a picket fence for me and all the care he took in making it beautiful.

I kept saying next year it will be wonderful, but now I am going to relish the awesomeness it has TODAY. Being able to grow your own food and fun is definitely something to be thankful for every day. I am truly blessed to have a home where we can teach our children how to take care of themselves and provide for the needs of a family. My boys are seeing all of our ideas growing and Halloween will be even more fun with homegrown pumpkins! Yeah for gardens!

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