Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finer Things Friday

One of the finest things in my life is all of my boys (hubby too) spread out on the floor building new Lego sets (don't look at the back ground, I brought home way too much from my classroom this summer).

Oh, the joy this brings my men...and the little bit of quiet it brings me while they are so busy concentrating on the process. Bionicles, Miners, and remote control Lego cars- be still my (mom of boys) heart! I am just trying to enjoy as they work together to get everything built. Definitely a Finer Thing.

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  1. Legos are a blast. Ours are still bigger due to the choking factor, but it will be fun to have the more intricate pieces in a few years.

    One of my very favorite things is watching my children play with their Daddy. :)

  2. What fun! I love watching my children spend time with their dad.


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