Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School Again

Life was not all buttoned up and tucked in yesterday. My boys and I did really well getting ready for school and falling back into our routine, but when I got to school my day had all sorts of twists and turns.

I get into my classroom, no heat. Lovely. I head over to the thermostat and it is 52 degrees. Thank goodness the temporary button was working, so I was able to get the heater going. The challenge is remembering every two hours while I am supposed to be teaching to hit the button again. Nice way to start the day.

I get everything else set up and head to the office. I'm getting a new student. Okay, I figured that would be happening since I had 2 spots open. Strike that you're getting 2 new students. Cool, now I will be full so no more changes. I like the sound of that! I take the two new students with me to meet the rest of the class and start our day. Right away one of the newbies starts talking out and being a bit loud. I had to squash that habit right away.

We run through some lessons then I set the rest of the class to work independently so I can assess my two new charges. Things did not go well at this point. Both of these babies are far below where they should be at this time of the year in second grade. My heart sinks. I am frustrated and disappointed that they are both going to be struggling along with the group I already have that struggles. Nice.

I get resources set up for my two new students and find out one of my other students is moving so tomorrow I will have new student #3! Geesh!! I am hoping he will not be behind also, but unfortunately with kids that get moved a lot he probably will have gaps.

So today I am trying to keep a positive attitude and get my game plan ready to get these kiddos caught up! I am grateful for all of the tricks and tools I have discovered to help these kids. Maybe I will be able to push them up to where they should be, or at least a lot closer. It is what is, or so I keep telling myself!

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