Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week 1-24-10

Our menu went haywire last week, but we still ate from home for every meal. YEAH! I am hoping we stay on track a little better this week, but you just never know. I will be doing my monthly menu this week for February and I am really hoping to continue my pantry challenge. I think I have plenty of meat, pasta, and side makings to keep us going for a few more weeks. I know we will need milk, other dairy, and produce, but I am confident I can keep us well fed without many trips to Costco or Winco!

By the way PW's Marlboro Man Sandwich (from Saturday's plan) was AWESOME! When I pick new cookbooks I usually have a flop or two from the recipes I try, but so far the PW recipes have been wonderful. I can't wait to try some more!

Here is what we have planned for this week:

Breakfasts: Cereal, Oatmeal, Waffles , Pancakes, French toast, Fruit

Ham or PB & J Sandwiches, Leftovers, Fruit or Veggies, String Cheese, Hard Boiled Eggs, Granola Bars, Fruit Leather


Sunday- Roasted Chicken, FRESH Garden Broccoli, FRESH Green Leaf Salad (a surprise find in our garden today, some weeds were shading it so it could grow! I didn't think I had any left out there.)

Monday- PW's Lasagna, Buttered Bread, Salad

Tuesday- Pork Country Ribs, Country Potatoes, Salad

Wednesday- Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Salad

Thursday- Chicken Quesedilla, Spanish Rice, Beans

Friday- Homemade Pizza, Salad

Saturday- Hamburgers, Fries, Salad

Find more menu planning inspiration at Organizing Junkie.

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  1. How exciting to find broccoli & lettuce in the garden!! All of your meals look delicious...we cook a lot of the same things (quick, easy & good!)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. Yummy menu! I still haven't gotten my hands on the PW cookbook...but I'm dying to!


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