Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2010, I know this will be an amazing year for my family! I was trying to sit down to figure out what I thought were the most important goals for our family and myself, but I was struggling until I checked my email. I used a list from Tsh over at Simple Mom to help me get some much needed structure for my goals for 2010. She has a free downloadable list of questions to help you ring in the New Year with a plan!

This is what I came up with for myself and my family. K and I still need to fine tune it, but I think it is a solid start!

Personal growth goals:

  1. Trust my ability and don't downplay my successes. I struggle with looking at the growth or improvement that is happening in my life. I don't want to come off as arrogant, but I do need to remember to celebrate my own successes.
  2. Get my portfolio together and try to get a new teaching position in the school district in my town. This makes me nervous because I am comfortable where I am, but the commute is too much anymore. I need to just get over my insecurity and go for it!
  3. Continue reading as much about nutrition, frugality, and parenting as I can. I love reading anything that will help me to make my family thrive even more!

Physical Health Goals:

  1. Use the park and my neighborhood to become more active. Try to ride my bike 3 or more times per week. I love riding and I need to make time to go for a ride.
  2. Encourage the boys to go with me as often as possible. Play outside with them at home or at the park.
  3. Continue to cook everything I can from scratch. Making sure I am using whole foods to guide my cooking choices.
  4. Use our garden for nourishment and as a form of exercise. Having my hands in the dirt always makes me feel good! K and I need to sit down and plan out exactly what we want to grow this year and how much of everything. I can't wait!
  5. Hopefully by this time next year we will all be leaner and have more energy with the changes we have been working on already.

Marriage and Family Life Goals:

  1. Continue to take time to sit and talk with each other. Communication in 2009 was so much better than ever before, I can't wait to see how we do in 2010!
  2. Have a date night once a month once K starts his new job.
  3. Try to get K to be in the room when I am reading books at night to the little boys. We all love it when Dad is in the room with us too.
  4. Plan another trip to Legoland, but include the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park this year. L and N are so into animals I think they would love it!
  5. Plan a couple of hiking trips in the mountains near us this spring, summer, and fall.
  6. Clear out the garage with a yard sale in the spring. Until then continue decluttering all of the rooms in the house.
  7. Get better bookshelves for the boys' rooms and repaint the rooms.
  8. Help Z to organize his space in a way that works for him. Remove one desk and replace it with a bookshelf.

Goals for my Children:

  1. I want them to continue to thrive in the classroom. Make sure they are understanding all of the concepts taught and prep them for state testing.
  2. More physical activity at home. Walks to the park, bike rides, scooter rides, playing tag.
  3. Get them a high quality microscope for use after their explorations.
  4. Continue to have them try new foods and expand their palates.
  5. Continue to work on problem solving without adult interference.
  6. Teach them how to do more tasks around the house. (Many hands make light work.)

Financial Goals:

  1. Set a firm budget and stick to it. Once we know K's new salary it will be much easier to set specific goals.
  2. Pay cash for everything. Have an emergency fund fully in place.
  3. Continue to bargain shop for anything we need. Stock up when we find a good deal.
  4. Look for ways to make extra money, but not take too much away from family time. Sell things we don't use or need. This helps make money and clear clutter, I love it! Maybe start I can start an Etsy shop and K continue working on his internet development company.
  5. Pay down debt as much as possible this year. Focus on credit cards and cars.
  6. Continue investing.

Well there you have it! My goals for 2010 are not too farfetched, so I think we will be able to tackle a lot of them as a family pretty easily.

For more New Year's goals visit Life as Mom. I'm linking up with the Happy Housewife too for Goals 2010 Link-up.

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