Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Birthday

Today is my blue eyed boy's 9th birthday.

I love this kid, he has so much enthusiasm for life you can't help but to be excited too! He is wise beyond his years and his vocabulary blows people away. The thing I admire most about Mr. L is his empathy for EVERYONE! He cannot stand to see a baby cry or someone hurt. He instantly wants to give comfort to babies by singing them a song or making silly faces for them.

He has a gentle soul that sometimes gets lost behind his Tasmanian Devil exterior! He is my bull in a china shop and the most likely to be injured at any given moment out of the three boys!

Because of L I have learned about stitches, casts, the handy dandy butterfly stitches, remaining calm while asking if he is bleeding under his head-holding hand, and the healing power of an Aloe plant! It really is a blessing he heals well and quickly.

Happy Birthday big guy! I love you lots!!!!!

I can think of nothing finer than getting another year with my babies! I relish and celebrate every minute I get to witness my boys growing into amazing men!

Until next time,

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  1. Happy birthday to your son...March 4 is also my birthday which is a lovely coincidence! Then I remembered that your other son's birthday is February 1 which is the day before my mom's! And I remembered reading that your birthday was the dad's was the 18th! Too funny that we have so many close birthdays in our families!!

  2. Happy birthday to your tasmanian-gentle-soul! :)

  3. Hope your boy has a great birthday! Isn't being a mama to boys fun?


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