Monday, March 22, 2010

Pioneer Spirit

This weekend K and I worked our land! I know I crack you all up ~ worked our land! We were pulling weeds and tilling the garden to get it ready for planting. I always love working along side K, it's a good time to talk and just be together. We are so blessed to have gotten, in my humble opinion, the best lot in our whole subdivision! We have so much yard to use for our ventures into gardening!

Today, after school, we ran to get a few more things at Lowes and planting commenced! We called out the troops and assignments were given. I missed most of the assigning part because I was trying to cook dinner around the planting party! We were able to plant strawberries, yellow and red onions, green onions, corn, okra, red potatoes, a raspberry bush, and a black berry bush. We're far from done, but it was a good start and the boys had fun. I grabbed my favorite Christmas present and got a few shots of the action...enjoy!

The wonderful row digger!

The excellent seed/bulb planter!

The men working together to get the seeds covered.
(That huge group of plants in the background is the broccoli
that is STILL producing from last summer's planting!)

And last but not least...

The pitiful pooches who want to be in the garden with everyone so very badly!

Join Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers to see what everyone is grateful for on this Gratituesday!

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  1. So great! I love having a garden, but put most of the working of it on my husband and he does enlist the help of our kids. That picture of your dogs is the cutest! Is one of your doggies a boxer? My family had a boxer when I was growing up; he was a great dog and I have a special spot in my heart for boxers anywhere I see them!

  2. Yes, she is half boxer half lab and all goof ball! The little man is cocker spaniel poodle mix and a perfect match for his big sister :)

  3. Wow, I wish we could plant right now. Well, I did plant peas, but I am also pretty sure it will snow again before spring is really here. Way to go working the land. Embrace your inner pioneer!

  4. What a great memory you created for your family!!! I wish we could be outside planting, but I guess that doesn't happen until like May. In due time, right???


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