Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Still Clean!

Last weekend Z and I tackled his OUT-OF-CONTROL bedroom mess. I cannot just tell him to go clean it because he just gets too overwhelmed. I went in with boxes, tape, labels, and a trash can for us to try to regain some control in his space! No, there are no before shots because I am, ehem, too chicken to post such a mess! After about an hour or so and some rough spots we had his space back up to my preferred state of order. Hopefully I can get a bookcase to store his gaming stuff and books so we can get the boxes out, but that will have to wait until we can get to Ikea again.

In a miraculous turn of events his room is still clean 5 days later! I can see the carpet and he hasn't stacked stuff all over his dresser again! We may just be making progress in increasing his desire to keep things orderly. By golly I think he likes things in their place!

That my friends is definitely a finer thing in my book!!

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  1. Clean 5 days later? That is a finer thing for sure!

  2. Awesome job! My girls' room... it's the one I can't bare to take pics of right now. Ick!


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