Tuesday, June 22, 2010

California Dreamin'

We had a wonderful little trip (minus the crazy traffic..rruugh) to San Diego last weekend. We have some friends that live there, so we headed down for a little get together and some beach time! The boys are all fish, I mean they LOVE the water so hitting the beach was awesome with them!! The weather was great and the water was wonderful.

I loved seeing them so excited about learning how to so something new. The little boys hit the waves with a boogie board while Z and K had surf boards. Z never got up, but the smile on his face showed me he had a great time anyway. K got up, but I missed it! I was so bummed. So indulge me as I line the rest of this post with pictures of my beach bums!

Z the surfer dude!

L loving the sand!

N waiting to get back in the water!

Z heading out to try to catch a wave!

L riding in a wave!

Look at N's smile!

The builders

Oh man, K's almost up!

The reason I love my camera!
Catching K in this series was awesome!

I am so grateful to have friends that live in beautiful places! We are hoping to head back one more time before summer is over. It gives me extra incentive to be very mindful of our budget, so we can save up to go back!

We did have one casualty this trip...K's wedding ring is now in the Pacific Ocean somewhere! He never took it off, so we didn't even think about him taking it off before they all got in the water. He is so bummed, he said he wanted to see how it would look when we're ninety! Oh well, life happens. Hopefully today we'll be able to go back to the jewelers and get another band for him! All in all, we had a great trip even if traffic and missing rings happened! I can't wait to go back!!

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