Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Idea List

Over at whatever Meg's family comes up with a list of activities for their summer days. I loved the idea of making one for my family, so I came up with some ideas for us and then asked the boys for their input. Well, we got our list written up this weekend and posted it right on the wall for everyone to see. Since it's been up we've already come up with a few more ideas to add. I can't believe we forgot the BEACH! L also wanted us to add a movie marathon day. He's too cute!

Here's what we came up with for our Summer Ideas!

Thank you Meg for sharing such a neat idea! You Rock!

Her blog is beautiful and so are her stories, you should definitely go visit! I love seeing her photography. Seriously, if we lived closer to Kansas I would be calling her to photograph my family. Her house is such a real place that just screams of comfort and welcomeness (I know it's not a word, but work with me here.)!

Well enough about me go see her site!

Until next time,

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