Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Manic Monday

Yesterday began with me tackling our back porch. I was cruising along having fun getting it all cleaned up and ready to enjoy again. The poor porch has been neglected for way too long. Anyway, I was interrupted by a ringing phone. It was a rude lady from our mortgage company. After going back and forth with her I had had enough and handed her off to K. He gave back what she had been giving to me. I was really upset and annoyed by her attitude, but I decided I was going to let some call center grouch ruin my day. I was able to chill out and moved on with my day.

Then, K decided to be a sweetie and wash my filthy Explorer. I have a hard time washing it during the school year because I commute through farmers' fields and it gets covered in dust almost immediately. K said I should be able to drive a clean car even if it is only for the summer months! Well, he got to work and then comes in the house. "I just broke your windshield." Oh my goodness, how in the world does that happen? I guess there was a chip that we didn't know about that split. I was pretty annoyed for the second time, but it was done and it was no one's fault. Life goes on.

Now to the good stuff! K had given his phone number to an older man one day last year when he was in Lowe's after helping him find the parts he needed for his sprinklers. He told Dr. R if he needed any help with his sprinklers or pipes to give him a call. He never called, but that was okay. Well, yesterday our phone rings and it's Dr. R asking K if he could come by his house to see about fixing a leaky system. It made our day! The idea of turning our yucky day into helping out an elderly man was enough to put smiles on our faces. K was able to diagnose the problem and run to get the replacement parts to make the repair. I got the chance to help K and visit with a wise man for a few hours. He was fun to talk to and had a lot in common with my dad. It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Since we were both in much better spirits by the evening I asked K if he thought it would be okay to take the boys to Costco for frozen yogurts. He liked the idea since we needed to pick something up there anyway. So we had our dessert for dinner night and it only set us back $7.36! You've gotta love anyplace that can give a family of five anything for that price!

Our crazy day ended on a super note when one of our good friends send me a text. It read "She said YES!!!" I was so excited for them! I know they are going to have a great marriage!

As my title says it was a manic Monday around here! I am so glad the crazy morning was washed away by good things the rest of the day!

Today I am grateful for those annoyances that remind us everyday to cherish the good times even more! Head on over to Laura's at Heavenly Homemakers for more Gratiuesday!

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  1. Amy,

    This is a great story. Thank you for sharing it. What a nice surprise to help someone in need. I bet this man is very thankful for Kenny's help and enjoyed spending time talking with you ( I know I do)!



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