Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pantry Challenge

Well, I challenged myself to use what we have in our food supply for January and now I see the pantry challenge all over blogland. I guess great minds think alike! I always menu plan for the month since I get paid once a month, but this time I really wanted to use what we have on hand. Hopefully we'll get off to a great start since we don't go back to school until the 11th. I am hoping to prep a lot of stuff while I'm still on break so life back in the real world will be easier!

I will have to buy milk and produce over the month, but as far as everything else goes we are looking pretty good. I'll be posting my freezer inventory and pantry inventory over the next few days so you all can see where my menu plan came from!

Goals for this challenge:

*Save grocery money
*Prepare as many things from scratch as possible
*Make room for possible bulk meat purchase this spring
*Make myself really stick to my menu plan
*Have fun trying new recipes
*Keep all my mens' tummies happy

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  1. I love this challenge! I wasn't fully prepared for it, but I did do my menu plan and will stick to it. I hope you can get a lot of prep work done before your break is over. Blessings!


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