Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hard Work

My poor, poor vegetable garden has been sorely neglected this summer. That coupled with the fact that we got so much rain this spring made for a weed patch from H-E-double hockey sticks! I mean serious mess, but in spite of our neglect we have had a nice little amount of veggies this year. Not has much as I had hoped, but we're learning and we'll do better next year!

Well the weeds and I had a battle the beginning of this week. I am proud to say I am sore beyond belief, but the weeds have been defeated (for now, humph!). It took me about 4 or so hours to get it under control and cleared out. My plan was to have my beautiful monkeys help out. Ya, not so much. They are not so sure about what to pull and what not to pull and they like to bicker. I love my monkeys more that words, but the bickering gets to me! Anyway, I decided I would pull and they could just put everything in the yard waste can. That worked for a while, then I lost my crew. No big deal because I was on a roll! K came out to check on me. His eyes always get big when he sees the progress. That is reinforcement enough for me to push on. I finished one side started the other, but I needed a break.

First words out of K's mouth when he sees me in the house, "You need a bath!"

Me: No, I'm going back out. I want to get this finished today.

K: I don't think so, it's getting too hot.

Me: You really think so? Okay, but I'll finish in the morning.

K just smiled at his crazy wife and said, "I know you will."

I did get it finished and filled up the huge yard waste can twice. I couldn't wait for them to dump it on Monday. I mean I needed it so I could fill it up again!!

So if you made it through this whole rambling post I think you need pictures. I remembered to take befores and afters this time! I can not believe I am going to show you the befores, but here goes!

North side of the garden before. Geesh!

South side of the garden before (not as bad)

I bet you didn't know there were corn stalks and onions under that mess!

South side cleared out. We have carrots and squash still growing!

The 2nd pile of weeds waiting for the yard waste can!

I am happy to report that the second batch of weeds is in the yard waste can and I was able to get the last of our red potatoes yesterday. It was hard work, but it is so worth it when I see the finished product! I don't mind working hard for my family, it works for me!

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