Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Busy-ness

I love the summer for the ease of the days and the peace and renewal in our house, but most of all I love the summer for my time! Usually during the school year I am constantly striving to get myself and everyone else ready for our days. Planning, planning, and preparing are the drivers for my life from August until June. Not so much during the summer. I try to keep bed times consistent, but other than that we don't have a whole lot of planning going on. Guess what! That is exactly what we all need! We have a few adventures here and there, but we try to keep our schedule pretty light!

During this down time I have been blessed by a hubby who knows I need a creative outlet and a space to work. We have been making our unused front room into a sewing crafting area for me. The best part is that my boys have chairs in there to come and hang out with me. I LOVE IT! I can be sewing or pinning or cutting and my monkeys can hang out with me. Love I tell you! They come in an sit for a spell to chat or giggle. I am quite fond of giggling! It has been great and it has only cost us one can of paint and a yard sale trash can to make it all come together. I love shopping my house for accessories! Hopefully all of the furniture painting will be done this week and the room will be totally put together!

My sewing and cutting tables. They were dining tables we have had over the years.
They will be getting a coat of black paint to tie the space all together!

An old armoire and bookcase for storage.
K already painted them black and is finishing the shelves!

This space has already been put to good use! I have been busy making goods for my Etsy shop. My goal is to open up for business by next week! It will be good for us financially (I hope) and creating is a great relaxer for me! I can't think of a better combination! Here's a sneak peek at some of the things I will have listed in my shop. It has been a lot of fun so far!

A sampling of my beautiful aprons!

A sample of my shopping bags
(This one was a special order for my frog loving sis!)

So there you have it, what summer busy-ness and happiness is to this momma! It's what works for me! Head on over to We Are THAT Family to see what works for everyone else this beautiful summer day!

Until next time,


  1. What a great idea! Your sewing area looks great. I love your aprons; the second one to the end on the right, such a cute fabric, actually they all are cute!

  2. You are so inspiring! Keep up the creativity Amy.



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