Friday, July 23, 2010

A Time for Reflecting

I have been noticing something around here that most people would not suspect in a houseful of boys...peace and quiet. I know it's a strange concept, but it has been happening a lot around here the last few days. I will be working in my sewing room and then realize there is no noise. Fortunately for me my boys are at an age where silence does not automatically mean trouble is brewing. I just stop for a moment and enjoy the peace.

We are in the last 2 full weeks of summer vacation. I am trying to get my head on straight to go back in the classroom, but I am struggling with it this year. With budget cuts and larger class sizes, it's a real effort to find the good. I know I will have some more challenging kids in my class, because I am "good with them". That part of school is fine by me because I love getting through to those kids no one else can reach. I guess making school a great place for those kids is what I need to focus on most!

The boys are excited to go back to school. Z will be at middle school this year! L and N will be at the same school, but will now be on different schedules for dismissal. I am not sure how all of their schedules will work logistically, but I am starting to get a plan together! They are such good boys that I know it will all work out just fine.

K is probably going to head back to school too! He doesn't have a lot left to finish his degree, so this is the perfect time for him to get it done. I know he has struggled with going back to school, but I think it is the best decision for all of us . It will be great for our boys to see their dad working hard to make our lives better!

Changes are heading our way, but I think it will be a bunch of positive changes! We are headed into a season of growth as a family. I am savoring the last days of summer, but I am also looking forward to our new journey. Life's pretty interesting right now!

Finding good amongst chaos is a finer thing! Head on over to Finer Things Friday for more good things.

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  1. It is hard sometimes to find good in chaos, but God is gracious and can give peace and joy. :D

  2. So true - finding peace and good among chaos IS one of life's finer things.

    Guess you got yourself another fine follower on this Finer Things Friday.


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