Monday, July 5, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

I hit the yard sales again this weekend. I am just not having a lot of luck, but I am thankful for the treasures I do find. I went to a couple of thrift stores this week too, but I think I am done with thrift stores around here. The prices are getting a little ridiculous and the service is frustrating. I tried to buy a pattern from one store and the kid at the check out wouldn't sell it because it didn't have a price written on it. I had gotten it out of a bin with a lot of patterns, but he wouldn't even try to find out a price for it. So annoying, but the funniest part was the lady behind me trying to get him to find a price for me. She was determined that I should be able to buy that pattern! I told him forget it, I didn't have time to wait around for a 25 cent purchase.

Anyway....on to what I did find this weekend! I wanted a little trash can to use in my sewing-craft room. I found it! For 25 cents this darling was mine. A little coat of paint and it will be perfect! I also got a book from the nice lady for free! She said they just wanted to get rid of everything. I know how she feels!

I think it must have been for a plant since it has a plastic lining inside.

I love Judy Blume and the other book is also about sisters,
so I should have some good reading ahead!

I hit a few more sales and almost passed up one that looked a little slim. I'm glad I went ahead and stopped! I found L and N each a pair of plaid shorts! 50 cents each and one button later and they each have a super cute new pair of shorts! I hardly ever find clothes for them, so this was a rare treat!

I thought they would both be for N,
but one pair was a lot bigger so L got some new shorts too!

So for a whopping $1.25 I found a few treasures! Not bad, but I am still hoping I'll find some more things for my sewing room and clothes for the school year. I guess I have to wait until Friday to get my next fix! I hope you all had a great yard sale weekend too! Now head on over to Rhoda's for Thrifty Treasures!

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  1. I know what you mean about thrift stores. I go to one every Monday (speaking of I better start getting ready to go and the people working are not very pleasant. I haven't had to much luck finding the items I need for my kids. I need jeans and shoes and only have been able to find an pair or two. Good luck next week!


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