Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to Work Today!

Well I survived my first official day back to school. No kids yet just meetings and training sessions which were actually pretty interesting. If you're a teacher or know a teacher I'm sure you've heard of in-services with a less than loving tone :) I was pleasantly surprised, but I still just wanted to be in my classroom getting everything ready.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have time to just work in our rooms! I am lucky that I've learned to work pretty efficiently so my room is pretty much ready to go. Just waiting on practice books and supplies to be delivered. I hope we have everything before school starts this year, last year we had issues so things showed up after school started. We managed, but it wasn't exactly fun! I love back to school because everything is fresh and new, including my hope for the new bunch of munchkins I will be guiding this year.

I also got to take the boys to go meet their teachers this afternoon! N has L's teacher from last year, so we already know her and she already knows us. L's teacher is new to us, but seems like a very nice lady. Z's teacher seems pretty laid back, but it was different to be in a room for sixth graders. His class seems so grown up! I am excited for them as they start their new year! We are all going to have a great time in school, I just have a feeling about it!

Well that's my life for the day!

Until next time,

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