Monday, August 24, 2009


As many of you know when kids go back to school teachers go into assessment mode. We use assessments to help us figure out how best to meet the needs of our new students. Well, I started mine and all I can say is, "Oh my!" I have finished testing about half of the class and only one kiddo is at grade level in reading. Some of my poor little ones don't even know all of their letter sounds! That is insane for 2nd grade!

This is where faith comes into the picture. I have to have continual faith that the kids and I will be able to push through and get to grade level. I know there will be times I just want to scream, but I have to breathe and stay focused. I will push the kids and some will push back out of frustration, so I need to ask for help in finding the right words to encourage them to keep trying.

So today on this Gratituesday I am grateful for the wisdom of experience and the faith that I will be able to give these kids the gift of reading by the end of our school year. It might not be and easy task, but it must be done. I owe it to these munchkins to try my best, just like I ask them to do for me! I am no saint, but I am willing to give it my best shot.

I will be sure to keep you all posted as we progress through the school year!

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  1. It should be a crime that all these kids are getting to second grade without knowing letter sounds! It makes me so sad that so many of your class are not at grade level.

    It does make me more determined to get our home-preK classes started!

    You are a true blessing to your students. I wonder how many of them will realize it! I pray that you find the encouragement you need every day.

    After all these years I still fondly remember my Grade 2 teacher as I learned so much from her. I pray that you will be that kind influence to your students!

  2. Oh wow! That is amazing that you pray for your students!

  3. Bless you for working so hard for those kids! I pray God will use you to do an amazing work in their minds.

  4. I just have to wonder if the parents of your students have ever read them a book or played a board game with them? So sad. My son has just started Kindergarten and he is reading, writing and doing basic math already. I am not bragging, and he is not a genius, it's just we've been learning every day together for the past five years and now that I am getting to know other kids, I am realizing this is not the norm.


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