Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finishing Projects

K and I love doing projects around the house. Our problem is that we both get distracted by the million other things we want to do, so sometimes (ok...often) projects don't get finished in a timely manner. Well I think we are recovering from our ADD behaviors because we finished a bunch of projects over the past couple of weeks! YAY for us! So today I want to share some finished projects.

I showed you all the great shelves K built for me, well now they are fully stocked and being put to use! Everything I wanted in the storage room has a place. I. LOVE. IT!!!

Next I was able to redo a SA find to make a towel rack for the monkeys since a towel bar DOES NOT WORK for 3 boys! It went from this-

to this!

Cool Huh?!? They like it MUCH better! My littlest interior designer (N) asked for the openings to both be chalkboard. Our boys are not shy with their opinions on my changes to their spaces. I just need to remember to bring home some chalk and decide on what color to paint their bathroom!

My last completed project for today has actually been redone before, but it needed it again since we moved into the new house. This little side table was a yard sale find by my mom years ago. I shabbied it up back then so it would go with my bedroom. Well in it's new spot in the breakfast nook it did not fit with my black finishes. I FINALLY decided to change it up! I love how it turned out, right down to the new little knob!



So there you have it! I promised I would share when I was done! I am pretty happy with how the changes turned out!

Head on over to Metamorphosis Monday to see how everyone else is changing things up!

Until next time,


  1. Amy, love those transformations! They came out fabulous! You have every reason to be proud! Beautiful!


  2. great projects!! We have about 50 projects going so I cAN SO relate to ADD behaviors!

  3. I am LOVING your chalkboard transformation. Looks fantastic!

  4. Great projects! Hooks are better than towel bar for boys...that's for sure!Love the chalkboard!

  5. Such great transformations Amy.
    Love your organized pantry. If mine could look that great, I would put a nice screened door with chicken wire to show it off!!!
    Happy MM
    Love Claudie

  6. wow what a great job you did. I so jel of all your kitchen appliances.

  7. Hi Amy,
    Love the transformations!! You gave me some ideas for my own home. I know a certain 9 year old boy who would love that chalkboard/towel rack item in his bathroom. The new pantry, makes my heart go pitter-pat. Beautiful!! I'm curious how you did the side table. Did you use a spray paint for that? I have a little bachelors chest that needs some TLC. I have been thinking black would be perfect. After seeing your table, I'm sure of it now. Thanks for sharing!! Well done!

  8. Great transformations. Love the cabinet shelves and the chalkboard and the night stand.

    I hope you will come for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri


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