Friday, August 21, 2009

My Classroom

I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say one of the finer things in a teacher's life is when her classroom is ready for school to begin! I. LOVE. MY. CLASSROOM. I feel calm and organized and happy in this space. I have tried to make it a place where my kids want to come in and get to the business of learning! So I decided to give you all a tour of where I spend my day.

This is our "mat" area. Each of the kids sit in one of the square that I call their "houses". (Try to ignore the boxes, a bookshelf is on the way to clear up that clutter!)

This is the front of the room. The board on the right is my Promethean Board. It is like a giant touch screen computer monitor. I. LOVE. IT!!!!!

This is my computer station and encouragement bulletin board. I am hoping I win a drawing at school and get another computer. (Keep your fingers crossed for me.) The bulletin board is one we do the first day of school. Each child feels out a little card that says, "I am a star because...". They are soooo cute filling out their answers!

This is our math meeting area. This year I decided to use less of my pre-made posters and more student made posters. So far it is working out great!

This is where I do a lot of my small group instruction. I love the little white board that K fixed for me this summer!

This bulletin board is for displaying the final copies of writing the kids have completed. I put name labels on the blue paper, so I can see at a glance who hasn't completed the assignment yet.

This is our information bulletin board. I have our behavior chart, class list, rules, student of the month, newsletters, lunch menu, and "mailboxes" right here by the classroom door. the little stars you see hanging on the right are my hall passes.

Star of the Week spot! (That's a picture of me in 2nd grade)

The library area with a little love seat (Thanks MA!) for curling up with a good book.

My writing station and color printer/copier (thanks K!) area. All of our writing supplies are kept here.

Listening station. I have little cassette players in the bags for the kids to read along as they listen to a book. It is so funny teaching them how to use a cassette!

The final view...all the desks ready for little people!

Thanks for coming on a tour with me. Head on over to Amy's to see what everyone else is sharing today on Finer Things Friday!

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  1. I love it!! I used to teach second grade, and it makes me miss getting my classroom set up each September! I also had a listening center and it was one of the most popular places to be!! Great job! Enjoy your school year!

  2. What a great place to learn! You obviously put your heart into your work and that is a finer thing!

  3. Your classroom looks great! Looks like you have put a lot of time and work into it!

  4. very sweet classroom!
    It reminds me a lot of my son's classrooms when they were in school in CA. They went to Reynolds elem. in Oceanside, K for Jimmy and 1st grade for Bobby.
    I rememeber what their rooms look like because we have some videos of them.
    Jimmy both loved and hated that they had to sit on the squares and not touch each other. Sometimes he wanted to touch others and sometimes he did not.

    My children had some wonderful and dedicated teachers when we were in CA.
    Thank you for being a great teacher too.

  5. I shouldn't have clicked over here. ;-) I loved getting my classroom ready every year. Such promise in a bright, clean classroom!


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