Monday, August 10, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

Well I have been a busy lady the past couple of days! I almost forgot to post all the goodies I found this weekend. I headed out to SA and found a great message board that is already being transformed into a towel rack for the boys' bathroom. I will show you all what I did to it in a couple of days, I promise. (It's almost done, K is adding the hooks as I type-YAY!)

I also found this beautiful (ok-it's not beautiful in its current state) chunky frame. It has already gotten a nice coat of paint and it is as pretty as I knew it could be!

Yard saling this weekend was almost all about clothes. I hit a couple of sales early, and found 2 cardigans and one sweater/shirt for $3. I think they will be great for the chilly mornings coming up.

At another sale I found this great cake stand and coasters. I love the patina of the stand, so I don't think I will be polishing it for now. The coasters are similar to some other ones I found. I am going to sand off the picture, add scrapbook paper, decoupage the top, and seal to make them all match.

I headed over to another sale on my list and found a BEAUTIFUL blazer and a cute Roxy t-shirt. Both for $2! The blazer is from the gap and it is the yummiest material, I think it is a type of velvet.

I found some great deals at the church sale again! These pieces were only 50 cents each! I love that price! Another couple of skirts. A few of shirts for me, 3 shirts for the boys, 2 tops for my goddaughter. I also found this quiche dish and a couple of books for school and home. I spent $7 for all that goodness! Love it! (Not everything is pictured, my OCD tendencies took over and put things in the wash before I got pictures!)

My best score for the weekend was the last sale I hit. As a teacher I bring home way to much stuff most days, so I like to have a wheeled cart to take the load off my back. Unfortunately the little cart I had broke right before school got out. I know...bummer! Well the yard sale gods were on my side! I found a great cart with pocket liner for $5! Z looked up the brand on Google and it was between $40 and $50 at the different sites! Score for mom!

So all in all I had a very good week. I might slow down a little in the next couple of weeks as school begins, but it is relaxing for me to go on the hunt so I might just have to keep it up! Head on over to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality to see all the goodies everyone else found this week.

Until next time,


  1. I like the cake stand you found, Amy Lynne. I don't always polish silver- I like the aged patina of the tarnish. The clothes you found are cute, too. That is one thing I have never bought before at sales. Never have seen much... Show us your towel rack when you finish your project! Sue

  2. Wow - great finds! I love that jacket and that cart will be so helpful I'm sure.


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