Monday, August 31, 2009

I've got a list this week...

I couldn't decide what to focus on this week for Gratituesday, so I decided to make a list.

1. Our colds that started on Friday seem to be dying down already. Thank goodness for honey, hot tea, lemon, and a rest filled weekend for the little monkeys. My throat is acting up but that's probably from talking too much (not that I ever do that...) :)

2. My students do know their sounds, they just can't blend them together to sound out words! I did an extra assessment to pin point the problem, I feel so much better now! Learning to blend and decode in one year is much more reasonable than learning all the sounds plus blending and decoding. I am so grateful to be closer to having readers!

3. My home is coming together. Painting has been an issue around here, but K is finally getting the high parts of the wall finished (since I am a BIG chicken on the wouldn't want to be almost 20ft in the air either), so we will be rearranging furniture soon! I cannot wait to get things back where they belong!

4. We got our new freezer ordered. We decided on a bigger version of the Kenmore we have had for 9 years (thanks Mom and Dad). It should be here on Friday, so I think we will be having a bake fest over the three day weekend! After the almost freezer fiasco I think we made a good choice and we got an excellent price! I love sales with an extra 10% off!!!

5. I have a wonderful sons and an awesome husband! We are in such a good place right now as a family!

Well I probably could add more, but I'll stop there (I'm sure you all have other things to get to!).

Head on over to Laura's for Gratituesday to see what everyone else is grateful for today!

Until next time,

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