Monday, August 10, 2009

Handy Hubby

I am so very lucky to have a husband that likes to build things! After we moved the Lego Room to another room I was able to take over the closet space under our stair case. K helped me move an old bookcase in there so I would have a place for all my small appliances. It was working ok, but I really wanted to find another bookcase to fit in there for more storage space. It is an awkward space, so finding something ready made was turning out to be a real challenge!

This is what the space looked like empty. There are 3 different ceiling heights!

K decided the best solution would be to build something himself. Now let me tell you when he gets to building he is a wee bit of a perfectionist. He measured my flour buckets and appliances to get the shelves just right. Not that I mind since I'm just a little OCD too. So now I have custom shelves that look like they were part of the house from the beginning! K is the master builder and I am the master clean-up and painting crew. So here's what my sweet husband did to help out his frustrated wife!

After the build and during the priming. I have turned into a real blogger- I stopped painting to get a before picture! Shhh-quit your laughing, you know you've done it too!

The final product! I don't want to put anything on the shelves until the paint has cured for couple days! I can't wait to use them! I'll post pictures when I get everything in place...

Don't I just have the best hubby! I know I am lucky! So today for the Gratituesday I am grateful for a husband with the skills to make our home a nicer place for all of us!

Join Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers to see what everyone else is grateful for today!

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  1. oh my goodness, that is wonderful! You do have a wonderful husband! I am just stopping by from teh Gratituesday linky. Your new space looks perfect

  2. oh thats just awesome! What a great way to utilize space that may never have been used right Cant wait to see how everything that these shelves were made for looks on them :-) Congrats on a job well done and an awesome hubster

  3. Your hubby is tops! What a great guy!

  4. That is beautiful! You both did an amazing job...y'all could go into business with each other:)

  5. What a blessing! :D Great job!


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