Friday, November 6, 2009


This has been a great week at school and at home. I am feeling truly happy and encouraged by all the good little things that are happening around me.

My boys are staying healthy and eating like crazy. (I don't think I'm going to be able to "plan" YOYO nights anymore, there simply have not been any leftovers!) I think they're eating extra as the temperatures around here are dipping (only some days, it's California weather, hehe). We have their parent conferences in about a week, so I am looking forward to hearing about their progress!

K has been busy around the house. We can walk around in the garage much easier now! It is amazing what a little organizing can do. I like having K home, so it will be hard when he goes back to work.

My students are doing an amazing job! I taught a lesson about adding -er and -est to words and one of my little boys found an example in his library book. I asked him the base word and he was correct. He tells me, "Wow, I really am getting smart!" I think those are words any teacher is happy to hear. Also, a piece of equipment that had broken 3 weeks ago was returned yesterday. I was doing the happy dance when the computer tech walked in!!! I am trying my best to stay focused on my kids and not get caught up in the politics around me. So far the more I keep my focus the happier I am to be doing what I do!

Doing all things in my life with intention has improved my attitude and I am thankful for that! So today on this Finer Things Friday I am celebrating all the little things that are making my life so rich these days!

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  1. "Doing all things in my life with intention" - love that. So true. Life is so much better lived intentionally!


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