Sunday, November 22, 2009

Menu Plan for the Week

I am ready for this week, I think! Simple meals and clearing out the refrigerator up until the big feast will keep me sane and ready to indulge in some of my favorite treats. Here's what we're planning...

Breakfasts- oatmeal, cereal, pancakes (freezer stash), french toast (freezer stash), and waffles (freezer stash).

Lunches- ham sandwiches, PB & J sandwiches, apples, carrots with ranch, leftovers


Tri Tip, Rice Pilaf, Corn

Monday- Beef Stew

Tuesday- YOYO Night

Wednesday- Nacho Night

Thursday- Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Friday- Homemade Pizza Night

Leftovers Feast

I hope everyone has a great week, eats lots of wonderful goodies and enjoys the time with family and friends!

For more menu ideas head on over to Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday!

Until next time,

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