Friday, July 3, 2009

A Full Pantry

I know it is silly little things that make me happy, but a full pantry is definitely one of them. I guess it is my security gland being put to rest knowing my family will have plenty of good foods to eat. I feel so at peace when I see that pantry restocked will all of our staples and our freezer teaming with meats, cheeses, butters, and breads. They had gotten a little bare, so being able to stock them back up was great.

I don't always love grocery shopping, but K has started going with me so it is becoming more fun. I get to share in my excitement when I find a great deal on something we were going to get anyway. That happened this week...I was picking out some chicken breasts at Costco and I noticed the price tag. It was like $10 something for the big package of chicken. It had been marked down because the "sale by date" was close. "Sale by dates" don't mean much to me because I freeze all our meat anyway. Woohoo, score! I grabbed two packages since I had budgeted for the regular price, now I have double the chicken! I know I'm silly but bargains, but seeing something marked down at Costco was amazing to me. I had see manager's specials at the regular grocery stores, never had I seen such a thing at Costco. It was definitely a finer thing moment!

It truly is a Finer Thing to be able to provide great foods for my family everyday.

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  1. Awesome score at Costco! Your pantry is beautiful. Love the baskets!

  2. You're pantry is so beautiful! All those pretty baskets and the organization of it all is making my OCD very happy.

  3. Wow your pantry looks like something out of a magazine. So organized and i love the baskets. You've inspired me to get moving with my kitchen cabinets. p.s. thanks for the comment =)


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